TCC group invest great amount of money to funding the research about HoReCa business.

First of all, global foodservice sale show that marketing value of this segment gradually increase since 2013 from 2,500 $ billion to 3,500$ million which can reflect that food industry seem to have potential growth. Another research is occupancy rate for hotel industry show that the occupancy rate start to rocket sky since 2009 to 2010 and start to steady increase to 2014.

Moreover,Asia is the largest and most populous continent with 30% of land and 60% of world’s current population. Highest growth rate also from Asia as well. All of these result can be support why TCC group want to invest in HoReCa business. TCC group see the opportunity on HoReCa Business segment and there is on one in the market who claim himself as No.1 HoReCa business.

Thus, TCC will be the pioneer in HoReCa business in Asia. Currently, urban lifestyles have been changed quite a lot. According to the research, most of people tend to eat outside of their house especially, street vendors, restaurant/cafe, fast food outlets, friends house, and other respectively. Most of people like to dine out more than have meal at their home and at least people will dine out on special occasion once per year.

This can conclude that people spend more time and money of their food which can reflect that there are opportunity in HoReCa business to expand the market. Another segment which is interesting is tourism industry. Tourism industry has direct impact to HoReCa Business. Tourism will create fully economic growth especially MICE travelers who spend more than leisure 1.9 times (per trip).

It means that if there is more traveler, hotel industry will expand to accommodate those traveler. then If there are more hotle, it mean that there are more opportunity in HoReCa business.