What is HoReCa?
HoReCa is an iconic business term, which primarily refers to a sector of the food service industry, to establishments, which prepare and serve food and beverages. The term is a syllabic abbreviation to the words Hotel & Restaurant Category but to some it also may mean Hotel/ Restaurant/ Café (or Hotel/Restaurant/ Caterer, or Hotel/ Restaurant/ Canteen)
Why HoReCa Asia in Thailand?
Thailand has the benefits of geographic and location, various sources of tourist attraction, renowned world-class quality of services, moreover since Thailand’s National Agenda on Government’s measure is to boost tourism and BOI investment support program, the year 2015 approved 5,884 million baht for total investment fund for 4 tourism support projects Thailand importantly becomes the hub of tourism that includes hotel & accommodation, food & restaurant, catering,and service industries. These benefits have also driven the development of those previously-mentioned industrial sectors to level up their techniques and knowledge to maintain service/product quality, especially in HoReCa sector (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) that plays a vital role in travel, leisure and tourism development of the country nowadays. According to the research, foreigners spend approximately 48% of total expenses on hotel & food services, and MICE normally spend more 1.9 times than leisure travelers as well. Moreover in the next year, Thailand tourism industry has also been forecasted to have more than 28 million tourists who will come and spend their money on accommodations and foods.